Experiment to prove ESP for yourself

Two experiments to prove ESP to yourself.

In the first instance you need to appreciate that where there is relationship, there is mental entanglement. And with mental entanglement there is what I call direct mental perception or what scientists in the field of parapsychology call psi and ESP. This means that an idea presented by one person mentally, can be perceived mentally by another. I will suggest two different experiments to do. In the first one use a stranger as your subject and keep them and everyone else ignorant of your experiment. This will help eliminate the possibility of someone else trying to tamper with your experiment. In the second experiment the subject can be anyone and it is a very simple procedure but again keep them ignorant of your experiment. If you find that you can trust them then you can do some experiments with one another.

The first experiment.

I suggest you use a psychic for your stranger subject. This is not about “going to a psychic”, this is about using a psychic to do an experiment. But for all they know, you’re a genuine customer. I know it will cost some money but it will be worth it to you. You will need to see them twice. Both must be “cold calls”. Call and make an appointment each time without telling them you are going to see them again a week later. You might be able to go and see them without an appointment.. that is even better. You can go back to the same one the second time or you can go to another one. Tell them nothing. Make the visit short so it doesn’t cost you much money. Even ten minutes is enough.

The first time is the control experiment.

We want to see what happen when you are careful not to present ideas.

I have found that most of the “mind reading” these people do is done by abusing the relationship and it can even be done over the phone. You are still relating even if you haven’t met the person and you talk to them over the phone. That is not to say there are no genuine psychics. There are, but I found most of them are phoney. They use the same psychic powers that everyone in the world has and they use it against their customers.

So what “mind reading” do they do?


For the reading, regardless of the form with or without cards or other distractions cards, a crook psychic will tell you your thoughts!

First, and cunningly, they present you with ideas such as “dead….?? Relative… ah???” If you are there for another purpose you might even answer “no” so be careful. When you don’t know that the ideas in mind are suggestion and requests for information, you may think the ideas are your own thinking. So naturally a name of a dead relative or friend will come to your mind. This triggers your memory. You begin to think of your dead relative or friend or whoever it is. If you acknowledge this in mind you are in fact broadcasting! And as you begin to recall some thing about them and repeat them in mind in a dialogue to yourself you are giving information to the psychic.

The psychic may not get enough response so he or she has a routine. They start to engage you with “oh.. oh.. yes I.. I.. I.. see your grandmother standing next to you.. she is saying… just a minute.. let me connect with her..” and as they do this triggers your memories and you give more and more information as you think about your dead relative or whatever the matter is about. If you allow the memories without a mental dialogue then you can prevent being “on broadcast mode”.

They repeat aloud what you have told them with a little twist so you don’t catch on what they are doing. Once they have told you enough then its $50 thank you very much. Easy money! I would give them one thing though most reassure the person that their dead loved ones are happy, in a nice place and looking out for them or with them and protecting them. So they do provide some comfort.. at a price!

So what has happened? You have perceived the thoughts they presented to you. And they perceive the thoughts that you unwittingly presenting back, thinking you were only saying these things privately to yourself, in your mind. This comes about because of the mental entanglement in relationship. You want to try to avoid this. Your aim is to keep a blank mind but even if you fail (and remember these people are well trained), it is not important in the experiment. It will still serve as a control. But if you want to give yourself a practice run and still use it as a control experiment, you could do two controls. You could do one in which you just be yourself and let them fish you for information and then a second one, where you are more experienced and can maintain a blank mind. Be kind to yourself, a blank mind is not an easy task.

Next you do the actual experiment.

You get another appointment. It can be the same psychic or another. You go there as a genuine customer again but this time well rehearsed. To rehearse create a fake problem and a fake dead relative. Or you can use a real dead relative and some phoney info about them, fake events, fake events of their death and fake whether they loved you or not. Then create a fantasy about what they might want to say to you.. the usual stuff but make it up.

You can start out with a real problem and a real dead relative and write down a composition to yourself by changing the facts to create the fake problem etc. What you want is something false so that it eliminates the case of the psychic reading being about something real because then you can’t tell if they are fake or not and if you can’t tell then you can’t say for certain that you and the psychic converse mentally and that is what you want to see. If you have trouble making up events etc write down what comes into your mind. Automatic writing. Examine your thoughts in the written form and use them as a formulation. What you don’t want is a situation where you are talking to the psychic in the same way as we do in everyday life because they will smell a rat. You have to make your prose in the same way as it would happen when you are thinking or remembering something and mentally talking about it to yourself.

When you go to the psychic or talk to them on the phone you can sound worried if you want or composed, it doesn’t matter; Most people, who go to a psychic, go for some reason, looking for some answers, so looking worried won’t sound off any alarm bells. HOWEVER the alarm bell that you have to avoid is giving them information that you’re cheating. So you don’t have any ideas of “I have a dead grandmother etc….”, or anything two party conversational ideas. If you’ve done your homework you’ll be fine. You got to sell them on what they know how to do with charm.. cheat. If you have rehearsed well enough you will be okay. And I will also caution you that you DO NOT give any information to anyone else about the fake problem and fake or real dead relative etc. Be scientific. Be confidential. And go there alone. If you take someone else with you that person may deliberately or inadvertently also make mental suggestions. You want to see for yourself that people can mentally perceive and present ideas.
image004So while relating to the psychic you deliberately give information MENTALLY ONLY. While they are telling you that they see some relative, then present your ideas mentally as you would have if it was just your thinking about it. Do not mentally converse with the psychic. Think as you would think for yourself. Then you will see what they have to say and be astonished. In science there is no proof. Only in mathematics do we talk of proofs. In science we only talk of evidence. So you will have evidence that another person can perceive what you present to them mentally. Same goes for you. You can perceive what they present to you mentally. Everyone has psychic abilities. The only difference between you and a psychic is that they have trained themselves enough to make it a craft and to make money from their craft.

Once you appreciate that direct mental perception is possible with a stranger with whom you are relating, you will appreciate that with people who are closely related, there is strong mental entanglements. Mental perception happens all the time. Some of it is coincidental. Some of it deliberate. Then you will be ready for the next step.

A footnote. There is, what we call in science, observer bias. This is one reason why scientists double blind experiments. Double blinding however causes more problems than it solves and for many reasons it is not a good technique to be used universally for everything. You really only need to be aware that many people, not all, may try and read into their results things that are not really there. However I don’t think this will be a problem for you because you have a specific set of data, the fake problem and the fake or real dead relative and you are looking to see how well your stranger psychic subject “read you”. That is how well they can convey back to you verbally what you are presenting to them mentally.

I recall once, I went to a lady that I knew in Sydney and many times she was vague. Then one day I went there preoccupied and worried about something at work and she basically told me everything I was thinking. That is when I got suspicious. Her mental perceptions may have been coincidental. She may not be doing it deliberately but this capability can be abused by unscrupulous people and especially if there is money to be made from it.

The second experiment.

This experiment is not so scientific because it doesn’t use a control experiment, but it can also give you valuable information.

This time you choose a subject from those you relate to or know well. A stranger is trivially related to you but a close friend or relative is strongly related to you so there is strong mental entanglement. I suggest you do two experiments, first one do with a stranger you’ve just met and the second one with someone you know well.

This experiment is not so scientific and probably a bit unfair in that the other person is in the dark and not a willing participant. But you are not going to exploit them so it is not unethical. However you need them to be blinded so you don’t want them knowing that you are testing them.

Engage the person in conversation and in the course of the conversation ask for their opinion about something. As soon as they give you their opinion just look at them in the eyes, calmly.. blankly, giving no hint away and mentally address them and say “that bullshit”. You will see their expression drop. I’ve even had people respond with “what?” out aloud. And I replied “I didn’t say anything”. They are left stumped. Then further down the conversation again ask them what they think about something. Again looking neutral at them this time say “that’s brilliant”. You will find their facial expression lifts and they may even smile.

This experiment is not as good as the first one because you are only getting a facial response. However it does show that the other person did perceive what you said to them mentally because the facial responses will be appropriate. Except of course if they did say something they thought was bullshit then they might laugh. If you think they are able to appreciate your experiment and you believe you can trust them to be honest then you may be able to confide in them. You can try having one person mentally presenting (mentally addressing the other) simple ideas.. single words or two or three word phrases. The other person then says what they perceived.. they say aloud what come to mind. If the person is toxic then they will look to cheat you because they have an agenda to deceive. I did this with someone once along time ago, and both of us got 100% correct.

Next Post Diabetes and False Friends.


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